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Nora Jean and Michael Levin describe their "little family history project," Washington DC 1989






                                               Michael and Jean discuss their "little family history project," Washington DC 1989



Firebird:  The Musical Life and Times of [Classical Pianist] Rebecca Burstein-Arber (2023)



A Border Town in Poland (2021) 


o  ZOOM Book Launch (October 2021): 


o  ZOOM presentation to Jewish Genealogy Society of Los Angeles (April 2022):



Two Pianos: Playing for Life 


"Sizzle Reel" overview with clips from rehearsals, presentations & performances in Philadelphia. Leipzig, and Rutgers-Newark (Jan. 2022):

o  Two Pianos  --YouTube channel play list:


October 2019 Rutgers University/Newark NJ performance

Video Clip:   "1938 -- Deported from Leipzig to Poland"

Interview with Jola Schulsinger Hoffman 

Kean University (NJ) Holocaust Resource Center, Nov. 1987

(Now archived U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC)







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"Stumbling Stones" (Stolpersteine)

Alte, David and Solomon Suwalski in Leipzig: 

A story with pictures and a sad ending

AriowitschHaus / Hinrichsen Strasse 14, Leipzig

26 June 2012










Leipzig Legacies

104 Years of Musical Memories -- 

The Burstein sisters at the Leipzig Conservatory

(“…and They Played Till the End of Their Days”)

Mendelssohn Conservatory

1 Grassi Strasse, Leipzig

25 June 2012








Hirsch Bieler, recorded Philadelphia PA (c.1980):  A Zionist (future president

of Israel Zalman Shazar) recruits in Grajewo, causing a synagogue riot.

Rubashov 1917

Hirsch Bieler

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Rebecca Burstein-Arber, recorded Tel Aviv March 1980:  violinist-composer

Joseph Achron calls on Rebecca in Revolutionary Petrograd and asks her to

play his new compositions, under somewhat strained circumstances, c. 1919.

Rebecca meets Joseph Achron (Petrograd)


0:00/4:36 [COMING]

Halina Neuman, recorded NYC,1981, describes music as survival and plays

the Chopin Mazurka she has just seen Gelsey Kirkland (choreographed by

George Balanchine) dance at the New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center.

This episode is included in the DVD of the Untermyer Gardens performance

with video of Kirkland dancing and Stanislava Varshavski playing the Mazurka

in time to the video. 


Halina (Halina mazurka)


Stumbling Stones for Relatives -- installed Leipzig, 202112)
104 years of Bursteins in Leipzig -- program poster (2012)
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